Some Kickstarter statistics and seedlings

Hi everyone!

Here are some stats for your interest as backers via Kickstarter:

  • The campaign page had over 6,200 views across the 28 days.
  • 357 supporters backed the project.
  • According to Kickstarter, the median age of supporters was 35 years.
  • 117 of you chose the reward of getting at least one tree named.
  • Backers from the US chose the raw coffee reward more than any other country! This is neat considering that we don’t supply green coffee to the US yet. Fingers crossed some is roasted and served in cafes on North American turf.
  • New Zealand peeps chose the delivery of roasted coffee (by Flight Coffee) more than any other country.
  • Every single one of the 1000 rare tree lots at El Fénix have been backed. That's every square meter of the farm slated for replanting.

The best number to come out of this campaign is that you came together from 20 different countries to make the construction of the community wet mill at El Fénix possible. Thank you to everyone who was part of this international effort, we are beyond grateful.

Have fun,
Matt Graylee

Matt Graylee