A word on the all important plants

Good day gang,

As you know, our recent posts have been focussed on the building work at farm. Whilst the team have been hard at work on the construction, your plants have been growing humbly, and magnificently in the background. This post is, therefore, a somewhat overdue adage to the plants themselves.

Over at La Sensitiva, the seeds for the lots have been placed in the germinator, and will be planted at the start of next year. Those plants which have already been planted are growing strongly and looking beautiful. Weather-wise, we have been treated to some great days recently. Happy chunks of good sunlight and sufficient rainfall have meant that some of the Tree in Your Name rewards are starting to initiate node development. This means that we may see the first flowers blossoming at the end of the year. Pictured below is Eduardo the farm manager, who is training his son José on how to take care of the plants, in this case, the Pink Bourbons.

All for now!

The Raw Material Team

Miguel Fajardo