The coffee on its way or already with you

Hello hello!

Here is a quick update on the coffees that are making their way to our worldwide Kickstarter backers. If you're in the US of A, your coffee was roasted up and shipped out by the team at Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, thank you guys! The coffees you have received are Castillo, and are in the fact the very last specimens of Castillo to be grown at the Fénix. As part of the Kickstarter, we stripped the land once the harvest was complete, and gradually replanted the Pink Bourbons, Tabis, Geishas, Mokas and Wush Wush.

Should you be a person in Oceania, your coffee is on its way. And for those of you on European shores, your coffee has sailed away from port in Colombia and is floating to you across the North Atlantic as we speak. We would love to see your coffees when they arrive with you, so please do get involved in our Facebook group to share those photos.

Have fun everyone!

The Raw Material Team

Raw Material Team