An unexpected turn of ice ball shaped events


We have just been launched a reminder of the temperamental nature of the skies above, Fénix has been pelted by some very intense and freak hail! According to the elders, this is the first occurrence of hail at the farm as far as any remembers. These videos were shot from the space which once held the old mill, and will soon, once the ice has cleared, be the new cupping lab.


The video below shows some of the team currently tending to the drying coffee, the hail pelting down onto the structure above them. We have been incredibly lucky with the timing, weather like this in the middle of a harvest would have completely wiped us out. This kind of weather is testament to the necessity of the kind of infrastructure we are putting in place, here at Fénix and also in our project Red Associations. Several unexpected shifts in weather throughout Colombia over the past two years saw droughts rolling into rains, completely destroying harvest potential and income for producing families around the country.





These climatic changes have meant that farmers in the region have missed out on the important value-adding steps of processing their coffees at the farm, having to resort to wet selling their coffees to a somewhat local intermediary. This is because prolonged rainfalls have rendered the farmer’s own drying facilities unsuitable for the work needed. Time is also of the essence when moving through the initial steps of the coffee’s processing, with potential quality and thus price degrading as time moves forward.

The Red Associations project exists to facilitate the funding and construction of infrastructure, so that affected farmers can recapture recently lost steps of production, and in turn, command a sustainable guaranteed price for the coffee they produce. Please download the information pack if you’d like to know more.

Stay cool, but not frozen!

The Raw Material Team

Raw Material Team