Tree in your name signs

Enter to the stage, Erik Løkensgard.

Erik is an American who had interest in learning more about coffee farms in Colombia, and arrived at Fénix this month. He spent his first days stripping cherries and cutting branches off of the trees to make room for new development on the farm. He then contributed to the ‘tree in your name’ plaques, helping the team organise, drill, paint, and hang all 397 of them. The physical burning of the words into the wood was done by a woman called Seira Rincon, who has done a fantastic job.

Soon we will be emailing the founders with an image of your respectively named tree, so keep an eye on your inboxes. If you would like a God's view of your tree's home, here are the co-ordinates for the plot : 4.498498, -75.633669.

All the best,
The Raw Material Team

Raw Material Team