Breaking Ground

These be busy times at the El Fénix farm and future community wet mill.

The space allocated for the mill has been cleared of its inhabitants - a few Castillo coffee trees and clouds of mosquitoes. The blueprints are being finalised and the heavy construction should begin shortly. This week the team finished planting a plot of 3000+ Tabi seedlings. These Tabis will soon be joined by shade trees and plot dividing plants.

Just one thousand more Tabis to plant on an opposing plot then it’s time for the Gesha seedlings to find their final home. We would like to express massive thanks again to all the supporters who have allowed this to happen. We have your individualised tree signs finished and will dedicate a new tree in your name within the coming days. In other news, cherries are starting to ripen here in Quindio, Colombia and we’re stoked for the busy harvest in the coming months!

Thanks again for all the support,
The Raw Material team

Raw Material Team