El Fénix - December to now

In December, many of you helped make the El Fénix Community Wet Mill project possible.

Here is an overview post about what we have been up to so far in 2017.
In the past three months we have:

- Planted 4,000 Tabi and 1,500 Gesha varietal trees.
- Purchased thousands of Pink Bourbon and Gesha seedlings.
- Placed nearly 397 name plaques on little trees for all those who were part of our December Kickstarter.
- Cleared the land and drawn up the official blueprints for the construction of the mill.

Over the next few months, a lot will be happening up at the Fénix. First, we will be collecting the harvest from the matured trees on the farm and sending the green coffee to Kickstarter supporters who had chosen this as their reward. Then, we will begin replacing the matured trees with the newly acquired seedlings. Next, the big lots from the Kickstarter are going to get their name plaques put into the ground. And finally, we will begin the heavy construction and cement pouring for the wet mill.

Thank you to all who have cheered us on and to those who are El Fénix Founders.

The Raw Material Team

Raw Material Team