Pink Bourbon & Wush Wush

Hola a todos,

This past month has been very busy at the Fenix, we have planted all of the Tabis, some Geshas and now we are going to start with the Pink Bourbon and some Wush Wush. Also, we are preparing for this year's main harvest and have built a temporary drying area as the heavy rain has not let us start with the mill construction. The planted trees are looking great and we are cleaning their bases so they can grow healthily. Next week we will start picking fully ripe cherries and we will do some anaerobic fermentations for our green and roasted coffee supporters.

The Sensitiva plot is waiting to be harvested for us to start planting the trees. Also, some of the shades trees are looking very nice. We have our own nursery of Guamos (Inga edulis) and Guayacanes (Tabebuia chrysantha) to be planted in about 3 months.

Don Telesforo Bueno is the guy in charge of cleaning the base of each tree at the farm. Next week he will be in charge of guiding the pickers and checking they pick in the range of ripeness we want for our cherries. In the background, you can see the 4,000 Tabi trees. 


Miguel Fajardo