Now for a word on chickens


Chickens run amok on coffee plantations, and are on the small side compared with other parts of the world. Our farm chickens stay close to the house, so they never miss a feed. Once plump, it is common for one farm chicken to be killed per week, and eaten by the family. The following day, sancocho (a traditional Colombian soup) is prepared with a stock made from the chicken bones. Yucca, corn and other ingredients which are also grown on the farm are then added.

Dead, the chickens produce dark and tough meat.
Alive, the chickens produce eggs with very yellow yolks.

The yolks of eggs they produce are not as yellow as their store bought relatives. However, the intensity of the yellow is not a reflection of nutritional value, instead it is more a reflection of diet. In some cases, caged chickens are given marigold petals in their diet, playing to the misconception that golden yellow means good. In this case on the farm, they are yellow due to a diet of insects. (Which is actually good.)

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Raw Material Team