Rain & Pulpers

Yesterday was a great, wet day.

Just minutes after arriving at El Fénix, we discovered that the motor that runs the pulper machine was kaput. We drove to the town centre and Armenia, to pick up a new motor and supplies. Once back at the farm, Steve, Matt’s Dad, created a new base for the motor, wired it to an extension cord (because it couldn't be wired directly to the wall like the old motor was), and worked a lot of magic. While he and Helen worked on the wires, I took a quick walk around the farm. As you can see from the photos, the coffee cherries are a deep red and ready to pick. Where there aren't cherries for picking, trees are being planted. And all the drying spaces are filled with coffee, and Canela the farm dog is watching over them. After the walk, I returned to see that Steve's magic (and his amazing amount of knowledge about all things electric) got the motor for the pulper working! We were all very happy to see those first beans come through the machine.

As soon as the pulper started working, the rain started to pour down. So, instead of hanging the long awaited tree plaques, Helen and I went to the hopper to investigate the picked coffee cherries. The rain didn't let up until they left for dinner…


Gabby Wright