Raw Hustle Eurotour

Hi everybody,

Matt Perger of Barista Hustle and Matt Graylee of Raw Material are touring Western Europe together on the Raw Hustle tour. They have a smidgen of this harvest's El Fénix coffee with them for your gustatory pleasure. They will be presenting at the Barn in Berlin on June 28 and at Caffenation in Antwerp on July 1st. If you'd like to meet for coffee and ask questions about El Fénix in person, they are free on Sunday morning (July 2nd) at 10 am.

The guys will then head to Amsterdam and will present on July 2nd in the evening at Bocca, and in Copenhagen, July 4th in the evening at Kontra. If you have any tips on roasters and cafes to visit, let us know!

See you soon.
The Raw Material Team


Raw Material Team