90% funded & Christmas tree gifts

Thank you so much to all our supporters so far, we are proud to say that your names shall be immortalised on the Wall of Founders. But if that wasn’t enough of a festive treat, Christmas is almost upon us, so here is some information regarding trees as Christmas gifts:

If you've pledged for a tree: once the campaign is complete, you will be sent a survey requesting the name and message you'd like on the tree. You can name the tree as you like! If you'd like more than one tree, but don't want to make multiple accounts, just raise your pledge to be the total considering how many trees you'd like to gift/purchase and we'll understand when you answer the survey. This is a workaround given that many have asked about, multi-tree backing with different messages on each as gifts.

There have been many Skype sessions today with people from all over the world pledging for lots, and we've enjoyed every conversation. A few 1000 tree lots have been backed in the past 24 hours, and at least one from a friend who is not a roaster or cafe owner.

To you, the legends with a plan: congratulations and welcome.

Raw Material Team