Wet Mill Construction Update

Hello everyone,

Not ones to keep visuals out of the hands of our readership (that’s you!), Miguel has documented how the building work is coming along. It has been decided that the cupping lab and wet mill will be constructed at the same time, while the weather holds. As we can see in the first 4 photos, the land is fully cleared for building, and the first sections of the slope are being dug out for the terraced structure:

Photo 5 shows the old wet mill blocking the view. Photos 6 & 7 show it with the walls removed, becoming the cupping lab. You can see where this and other non-wet-mill structures sit in the next blog post's floor plans.

When complete, the mill's structure will stagger down the hillside. The natural slope will be used to move coffee through floating channels, sorting screens and tables, the pulpers, and into the fermentation tanks. The temperature controlled fermentation room will sit underneath part of the floor, insulated by the earth surrounding it. Though the slope is steep, we've designed a graduated snaking path through the wet mill such that everything will be wheelchair accessible. 

That’s all for now!

The Raw Material Team

Raw Material Team