Lodgings & cupping rooms - Construction plans

Part of the El Fénix development is restructuring the farmhouse, old wet mill, and drying beds to become support buildings to the new community wet mill and drying facilities. We are using all the original structures, building only a few walls and knocking others down to create...

  • Sleeping quarters for short-term guests on the old drying patio, and a bedroom underneath for long-term interns staying at the farm.
  • Living spaces for guests and workers to mingle and relax where in the past the drying bed roof rolled.
  • Many new showers, open to the rain above, and open on one side to the valley below if desired. 
  • A cupping lab with a view where the old wet mill stood blocking the view previously.
  • Double the kitchen space to cater to guests and employees, now with sunlight! (It was a windowless cave)
  • Wheelchair access everywhere possible.

We've made a fadey gif below so you can visualise these community wet mill support buildings. Construction is happening right now!

Building Plans.gif
Raw Material Team