The opposite of a modicum of blossom

Good day to you, team!

The blossoms are in bloom over at El Fénix and much earlier than expected, with around 30% of the total farm's plants now flowering.

The flowers time around are less uniform than we would typically see on established trees, as this is the first blossom season for these plants. The lots are now being fertilised with additional nutrients, which we expect will return even more blossoms to the farm. Typically, more concentrated groupings of blossoms are found in the second year of a plant's life, whereas the plants pictured have been growing for less than a year.

As you flick through the images, you may notice that the later images have considerably larger blossoms than the rest. We are speculating that these plants are a cross between the famously giant Maragogype, and Gesha varieties. Some green cherries have begun to appear alongside the blossoms, which means that in approximately five months, the answers will appear on the cupping table.

The Raw Material Team

Raw Material Team