The flight of the Gesha seedling

Dear readers in the year 2018,

Our first update post of the year takes form in a snapshot of work over at La Sensitiva, a neighbouring farm to El Fénix, where we are growing a portion of the microlots that were part of the Kickstarter campaign. These Gesha seedlings have been growing in a protected nursery setting for the past few months, and have now reached ≈ 2 inches in height and are being exposed to gradually increasing levels of sunshine as they shoot skyward.

La Sensitiva sits at 1,600 MASL - 1,840 MASL. Facing the west toward the Cauca valley from the Central mountain range of Colombia, it sees similar topographic and climatic conditions to El Fénix, located 15 minutes away on the same side of the mountain. This ensures that the coffees we cultivate on both farms experience similar conditions, before heading to processing at El Fénix when the harvests begin. 

Until next we meet,

The Raw Material Team

Raw Material Team