Establishing supports and fermentation rooms

After the base of the wet mill was established, we can now see that the physical attributes of the space are taking form. In picture one, we can see the bamboo beams are now being added to structure, the first corners of the build's walls and roof support. In pictures three and four, we see two new additions to the mill, the controlled fermentation rooms. Aside from the primary benefit of utilising gravity to assist in processing coffee at El Fénix, the structure also allows for the construction of contained fermentation rooms, which are accommodated by the downward gradient of the hill.

These utilise the insulation from the surrounding earth and concrete, allowing us to have better control over the temperatures we can create during the coffee's fermentation period. The final image is the view over the surrounding hills from the top of the mill!

That's all for now, our next structure update will be the roof as it goes on!

The Raw Material Team

Raw Material Team