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Here, we go!



We are building an advanced community wet mill and processing hub in Calarcá, Colombia, in order to connect more farmers in the region to the speciality coffee market. This project will provide our neighbours with much greater control over their coffee quality, much needed control of their income, while also providing some of you with access to being involved in the progress.

This mill will be based out of the El Fénix farm, and will be staffed by producers in the neighbourhood and roasters from overseas. The goal is to have people from both ends of the value chain meet and learn the challenges and requirements of each other's situation. 

We believe that by allowing people from different points of the value chain to cup and discuss coffee together, the market opens up. If we are able to build this advanced community wet-mill, we can de-commoditise specialty coffee and make good on the promise of development through trade.


Acquired by Raw Material in 2016, the El Fénix farm is located in the eastern municipality of Quindío, Colombia in Calarcá (between 1,680 MASL to 1,800 MASL). It faces west toward the Cauca Valley and the central mountain range. The farm has ideal climate conditions with a strong sun reflection off the valley and an average rainfall 2.275 mm a year. The main harvest is held between April and June with a fly crop from November to December. Natural spring falls provide water for all the farm's needs. The soil is mainly volcanic and in some areas, there are Red California worms. All weeding is done by hand and no herbicides have ever been used, enabling microbial and fungi activity. 

Raw Material Team