Our new project : Red Associations

Hello friends,

We thought you'd like to know some exciting news about what else is happening in the Raw Material coffee-verse. On Friday 20th October we will be presenting our newest project, Red Associations, to roasters in London.

It is the perfect opportunity to sample the El Fénix coffee as well, which has arrived on UK shores.

So if you're free, please come a have a beer and drink it with us, Friday 20th October at Assembly Coffee in Brixton, London.

Alongside the project, we will be doing a presentation on the coffee value chain across time, showing how this from the view of the typical producer, using up to date data. The talk is aimed at roasters who buy through Raw Material to provide you with the latest information about the value chain, how it can be improved and how this knowledge can be shared with customers.

The new Red Associations supply chain will see 660 coffee farming families in Colombia (currently unable to dry their coffee due to climate change) double their income in 2018.

If you'd like to attend, please, spread the word and RSVP on our event page.

See you there!

The Raw Material Team


Raw Material Team