Cutting & clearing

Hey team,

This week has been a very exciting one at the farm.

Below, you can see a video of a group of our friends walking through what looks like the jungle. All of the ferns and brush that you see have now been cleared. Some old banana trees have been cut down, and other trees have been trimmed back. As such, the land is ready for coffee trees. We can testify that planting trees is very intensive (especially with all the mosquitos on the farm), so seeing the very first Tabis in situ is especially rewarding. Over the next week and a half, we hope to get all the Tabi trees planted. This month we are joined by Lukas Ha, a German student studying sustainability, who came to Quindío to observe the farm and pitch in with the project. Thanks for your help, Lukas!

Stay cool,

The Raw Material Team

Gabby Wright